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Squiggly spiral glass

Yepyep, jewelry is waiting to be shown.

They are made from glass and theu look like the pattern are pushed into thee glass , anyway here they are just look and look closer then.

"Paradise on earth"

"Squiggly glass"

That's it for this time 

I do that too, fail! :D

So I found them first on Paula Johanna's blog and they're really , like I do that too, I'm not the only one, so I'll give her credit paula johanna blog, I couldn't resist sorry ;)
Some of them are really fail ,but I'm not the only one 

  • Do you HATE it when you pick up your cup, and realize you already finished your drink?
  • Do you always have to read or watch something while eating?
  • When you sit on the ground, do you automatically start pulling out grass?
  • Whenever you're eating pretzels, you pretend like you're smoking when no one is looking? 
  • Do you ever realize you're wrong in the middle of an argument, but keep arguing anyways?
  • When you're not sure if something has spellcheck, do you type something like "asdfas" and look for a red squiggly line?
  • You need to do homework. Do you plan on watching a show and doing it during the commercials, but end up just watching them?
  • Do you ever try to peel oranges in one try?
  • Do you sometimes get annoyed that a lowercase "l" and capital "I" look the same in some fonts? See they do look a like.
  • In school, do you stop looking at the clock for a little while so that when you do look at it, more time will have passed?
  • Do you sometimes get paranoid that people around you can read your mind?
  • Do you like hearing the sound of dirt going into the vacuum?