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What's that? a photograph

Hey ya!
Pictures of my new jewelry and some of my old jewelry. I thought more quality pictures were better, because you need quality camera and a little more experienced photograph than me. So I asked my dad to do them, he knows what's light and the pictures did come a little better than mine. (Still some photos here are taken by me :))

"A spring's spring"

A Ring, my first one. At the moment a lot of things are my first so my first wire wrapped ring, used a random big bead, as you can see, the bead is rather large and silver wire.

As you see I got addicted and made two other bead rings. On with a pink butterfly and the other with a blue one

"Tutti Frutti candy"

I don't know if the wire I used to make this ring is gold filled or gold plated, but it's definetely gold something.

"Butterfly fly away"

"Elegant braids"

Necklace which is made of wire and seed beads and spring clasp, it's braided.

Similar necklace as the one above, but used random beads this time. And silver wire

"Twisted mess"

Bracelets, made of somekinda' knots.

One of my favourites, sooooo Irish, Can't resist

Most 3D earrings ever. Strawberry power

Je-wel-ry!!! Creepy and so what!

It's been a busy week, as always. I haven't had time to post anything.
swimming, studying etc.

On Tuesday I needed to create my blog’s header, so I had to learn how to use photoshop, photo manipulation and how to make a human being slimmer. So I’ll post the before and after pictures here, I know they aren’t perfect, but that wasn’t my goal.



And Wednesday I visited an Art shop (Riia mäel, tähe street), which sold almost everything I needed for my jewelry ,silver and gold wire, ear hooks, clasps, polymer clay etc.
The only thing I couldn’t get from that store were normal sized beads (only seed beads available). So I bought some jewelry stuff from there: 16m silver wire, 6m gold wire, elastic thread, silver and gold spring clasps. It all cost about 16$.
Now I need beads lots of them: glass, swarovski crystal, pearls I can’t even name them all.

“Death will always find you“ :@. ;().

On that day we also went to the cinema with our class to see Final Destination 4, it was kinda’ creepy, to see people's organs spill out and body parts come off :S. But so absurd it made us laugh some times.

P.S I made some new jewelry, my first bracelets. I’ll post them soon.
Have a good day

Addicted! Amazing Race

A little offtopic here, but that's just me :D
Nice booots!!!
I would really like to own these in my closet.
Haven't seen shoes like these in my hometown shops .Would've buyed ages ago :P.

luv these...

Other thing I wanted to talk about was The Amazing Race,
It's a race for the million dollars (from america yea), where pairs of two have to travel and solve tasks they're given. Intresting AND exciting.
Recently in August they visited Tallinn, Estonia,
Jeei I was so happy like is this a joke not possible, lol.
What it is exactly -

My first Necklace!

Hey guys!
Yesterday I was sick and made some new jewelry.
I think I want to try some a new technique, maybe crocheting necklaces or a beaded jewelry piece. Feeling lately like I need so many thing to make new pieces, like findings, pearls, beads etc.

"Giant bloom"
Pink flowers

"Delicious and deadly red"
Strawberry, really cute actually"Letter M"
Obviously my name's first letter,

"Brotherhood of Flowers"
Three flowers work it, right...

"Flower Buddies"
Light blue and pink flowers

"Three of them"
They sure do match the necklace with three flowers above.

"Snailer spirals"

Spirals, like snail pattern lol, gotta love the middle one.

What's new

A new day, yesterday I started my blog. I think my blog is gonna be a little bit different than the usual "my life is so miserable" or the fascionistas (who I actually really admire ;)).

Beside handmade jewelry I'll tell you about me and my life :P.

I'm really proud of myself cause of this blog, I have tried to start and start it for a month I guess.
Now it's on ! :)

That's where I live, welcome !

Part of my precious supplies, beads, silver finding and so on

I'm learning every time I do a new piece of jewelry and I don't know how am I gonna be noticed, cause there's so many people with a talent, like wow.
New technics and material and tools. have to try everything, right?

That heart is made by me , and yes I did it a long time.
Didn't have the ideas what to make of the clay and then it came .

My favourite tools which I use every time (*-*)

A crocheted bag, made of cotton yarn or smth like that.
I made it in the last winter.

My favourite jewelry box in the world, it was a gift from my dear friends to my birthday three years ago, it's quite spacey

My guitar,

Thank you :)

My new blog

Hello, nad welcome to my new blog !
I make jewelry
I started it, I think it was two years ago, but then I didn't have the right tools plus I wasn't that handy, but couple of things turned out fine.
I custom design my jewelry.
As you can see below, I love colours.

That's it!

(Sorry for my english in some places, I'm only 14 and english isn't my native language.)
For estonians/eestlastele - alguses mõtlesin, et teen kahekeelse blogi, kuid nagu näha ei tulnud sellest midagi välja, loodan, et saate aru =)

So heres my jewelry:

"Heart way"

"Irish style, the luck"

"It's flowery"


"Sun pearls you"

"Colored and cut in half"

"Feathered beauty"

"Balls of power"

"Star and heart"

"Lovely as a flower"

These last ones are my first ones I did couple years ago:
"Happy or sad?"

"Hearty heart"

"Twist and twirl"


Thank you,