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Over there, there is a feather gliding on the air


Here are my feather earrings, which are very bright colored and dangly
 "Flames burn all the names"
 With Yellow and orange feathers

"Mysterious appearance"
 With purple and pink feathers, seemed like a nice combo


Gemstones, semi-precious stones etc

So this time I wanted to talk about gemstones. 
They are very very beautiful. But also rather expensive. 
That's the reason I don't have many.

Some gemstones as amethyst can be found in geodes. A geode is a rock that is ordinary rock on the outside, but on the inside there are crystals. (Geood-kristallidega täidetud õõneskivim)
This is a very intresting subject cause there is an another mystery in a geode rock. But it's hard to tell the difference between an ordinary rock and a geode, you just have to crack it open. 
Pretty intriguing, huh!?

What would you do if you found one of those?

But it's not that hard, there are shops everywhere you can buy cut or uncut rocks over the world. (Even in Estonia :).
I personally liked the article of how to cut a rock here.

Some gemstones and some intresting facts about them: 


Rose Quartz











Lapis Lazuli


Gemstones are resistable aren't they...


DIY eyelash serum

Everybody wants long dark eyelashes, but it's not always as we want.

I have kind of a short but thick lashes. And I wish they were a little darker and longer.
I think that mascara does extra damage to lashes, but what can we do.. Still we use it.

I read that the lash serums that cost over 20 don't do what they promise.
So here's a homemade reciepe for a lash serum. I'm still testing it, you have to use it for a month or so to see the changes, try for yourself, I'm gonna but the before and after pictures up, when a month has passed

So you'll need:

  • Coconut oil
  • Almond oil
  • Olive oil
  • An empty cleaned mascara tube
  1. But equal amounts of the oils in the tube. Mix them together
  2. Put the oil mixture on every morning when you wake up and at night before you go to sleep.
You can buy the oils from an aromatherapy shop etc, but on ebay too.
NB! They have to be natural not full of chemicals

Welcome 2011!

Hello, I haven't posted for a long time, but now I decided to write my blog a little bit differently than in the past. 
I want to write a bit different than the other jewelry blogger's do. 

I have to admit I had a small crisis about my blog at the end of the last year. I was wondering why and how and stuff like that. I shouldn't care about any of the stuff others do or don't so I'm gonna write a bit more often than I did (that shouldn't be hard 2 posts in the last 2 months :O)

But a little bit different posts, cause at the moment I don't make that much jewelry. There are costs you know, and as long as I'm not selling, I can't produce a lot. I will still be making jewelry just for your information, yeah, just saying.
I don't even know what inspired me to do this, life I guess, cause I like blogging and writing about stuff, but I always seem to think that the content is not proper for my jewelry blog. 

That's a lot of stupid talk, I know I'm never eager to read all of these long texts, but I appreciate all of you who read this through ;)

So, as you know, I have an Etsy shop , but I guess, that Etsy isn't my place to sell my  jewelry, but it was worth a try.

This fine lady did me a banner and an avatar: . 
Thank you again!

Today was kind of a talk about post, tomorrow, I promis, there will be a new post, and I think it's going to be a DIY project, cause I'm gonna do them more often. 

Thank you to everyone, who read this post through!