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Seed beads like crows feet

My made seed beads jewelry. They are a bit different of my "usual".
Like them or not! Enjoy.

"What a pink!"

"Crow's feet"

"Go round and round"

DIY: How to screen print a T-shirt

I'll teach you how to make your own T-shirts with the things on them as you like. The T-shirts on shops are machine screen printed, but I'll teach you how to screen print a T-shirt (or something else) at home with easy materials.
You'll need:

  • A plain T-shirt


  • PVA glue

PVA glue
  • Fabric paint (like permaset)

Fabric paint

  • Thin permeable fabric (like organza) (Can be bought from ebay)

Thin permeable fabric, organza (It would be better for you to use a one without the dots or patterns)
  • 12 in Embroidery hoop

embroidery hoops
  • A sponge
  • A pencil
  • A brush
  • Cardboard

  • Tavaline T-särk, ilma kirjade ja piltideta
  • PVA liim
  • Kangaliim
  • Õhuke kangas (vaata ülespoole)
  • Tikkimisrõngas
  • käsn värvi tupsutamiseks
  • pintsel
  • Harilik pliiats
  • paksemat pappi
  1. So at first you'll need to print/draw the image or text you want on the shirt, you should do something simple at the beginning, it's easier to screen print that
  2. Cut the fabric so it'll fit into the hoop. Place the fabric over the embroidery hoop and secure the hoop. It should be tight.
  3. Put your frame over the drawing and trace around the image with a pencil
  4. Take the PVA school glue and with a brush fill in the areas near the pencil lines you don't want the fabric paint to be on. The glue should cover the area from the line to ca. 2cm away from the lines. Leave it to dry. Your stencil is ready
  5.  Put a cardboard inside the T-shirt to avoid the fabric ink from transferring into the other side. Put the hoop with the fabric(where the picture is on) on the T-shirt. dip the sponge into fabric paint and stipple it on. You can create different colours by mixing the paint.
  6. That's it, lift it up and let it dry, you can use the same stencil over and over again. Don't worry the shirt is machine-washable it won't fade.
  7. To finish the shirt iron it over grease paper

Screenprinted T-shirt

screen printed bag

  1. Kõige pealt joonista/prindi paberile kiri või pilt, mida soovid. Alguses võiks teha midagi kergemat.
  2. Lõika õhukesest kangast suur tykk nii, et see mahuks tikkimisrõnga vahele ja ääred oleksid isegi yle. Panegi see tikkimisrõnga vahele, tõmba riie pingule.
  3. Pane raam joonistuse kohale ja kopeeri pilt pliiatsiga pingul kangale.
  4. Võta PVA liim ja pintsliga kata joonte ümber need alad, kuhu sa värvi pärast ei taha, liimi jooned peaksid olema umbes 2cm laiad, katma 2cm suurust ala pliiatsijoonte ymber. Jäta kuivama. Šabloon ongi valmis.
  5. Pane suur papitükk särgi sisse, et vältida värvi kandumist särgi teisele poole. Nyyd pane tikkimisraam (koos PVAga ääristatud pildiga) riidega särgi peale. Kasta käsnake värvi sisse ja tupsuta särgile sinna kuhu tahad värvilisi kohti. Suruda ei ole vaja, õrnalt tupsutades kanna värv särgile Segades värve saad erinevaid toone.
  6. Tõsta šabloon yles ja valmis ta ongi, lase kuivada. Šablooni saab kasutada nii palju kui soovid. Ära muretse särk on masinpesukindel ning värvid ei hääbu.
  7. Särgi lõpetamiseks lase triikrauaga särk yle. Nyyd võid proovida raskemaid disaine. 

Straightly on silver

If you wanna know anything about my jewelry, what color the crystals are what I use in my jewelry or just any other question, write a comment below that post or email me:
Kui keegi soovib midagi kysida, kas siis kristallide värvide, ehete materjalide või millegi muu kohta, kirjutage kommentaar postituste alla või saatke meil:

Some more Swarovski bicone jewelry:

"Swarovski poles"

"Silk on silver"

Linked Crystality

When inspiration comes, don't let it waste, quick, make jewelry!

These look like scales and they dangle quite nicely.

"Triangular beauty"

"Tanzanite pentagon"

"Chocolate crystal bunch"

Discovering the lacquer

old earrings, new face.

Did you know that lacquer can do miracles with polymer clay! Yes, and the change is so obvious I wanted to show it to you. I covered almost all of my polymer clay stuff with this lacquer.
Showing the true colours of the jewelry, literally.
Vanadel kõrvarõngastel uus nägu, kasutasin lakki, mis tegi otses mõttes imesid polümeersavist ehetega, tõi välja kõik värvid ja pani kõrvarõngad läikima, näitan lemmikumaid savisst kõrvarõngaid.

Here are some of them, nicest ones:

"Delicious and deadly red"

Old version of those strawberries, maybe a picture doesn't show the difference as it is in reality, but it gives the general picture

"Irish style"

"Lovely as a flower"

"Twist and twirl"

"Three of them"

Happy new yeear !!

First post this year has to be colorful and exciting so here it is.

Mysterious colours like these are extraordinarily beautiful in your ear.
Those light amethysts are mine, since october when I made them.
The next ones, dunno what colour they are, but they seem purple-ish most of the time in real life. They were a Christmas present for my aunt who really liked them.
Light Sapphire earrings and peridot (blue and green) earrings are waiting for a new owner, although I made those peridot ones ("Green power") for a special friend, but she haven't seen those yet ;).

Holidays has been a really relaxing time to do some jewelry and I have done a LOT. Sometimes used Swarovski and  sometimes seed beads, so camera out and start taking photos, so I hope next week you'll see them.

And I think I have the perfect idea for MLJewelry signature Swarovski necklace, so beware :D