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Personality bracelet

My personality bracelet has these charms on them:
The Fork - I like to eat, I enjoy eating, it represents the love of food, not obesity but just eating.
The Bird/Swallow - I am free as a bird and do what I like to do often without others approval.
The Crown - I am a perfectionist and always want everything to be as good as I can make them.
The Two Girls - Represent my two sisters. 
The Owl - Shows intelligence and wisdom
The Treble Clef - a musical side of me. I value music and people who sing and play an instrument. without it my life wouldn't be complete.
The Key - To top it all off the key shows how complex personality I have and I may not always be the easiest person to get along with.

Used Swarovski Crystal flower beads are 6mm in size and in color Light Amethyst.

And I am on Etsy now. So get your bracelet on :