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DIY: Pearl or coctail ring

In my last post there was a Pearl ring I made, Now I'll teach you how to make it.
You'll need:

  • wire (I used 22 gauge, 0.6mm wide)
  • Pearl (or somekind of a rock or a gem or a semi-precious stone for coctail ring)
  • Ring mandrel or some other round thing that's slightly bigger than your finger
That's what you'll have to do
  1. Cut some wire (~65cm) it depends on how much wire you want around your finger (point 3.)
  2. Center the pearl on the wire  and wrap the wire with the pearl to the ring mandrel (or the other round thing you got) half size bigger than your finger is. 
  3. Make 3-6 circles around the mandrel (or the other round thing u got). I made three circles. 
  4. Take it off the ring from mandrel (or the other round thing u got). You've got two loose ends of the wire. Wrap them around the wire circles (you can see mine just there where the wire separates to hold the pearl). Make 3-4 circles to fasten the ring. 
  5. Cut the edges with wire cutters.
  6. It's ready! Now wear it!

Pärlisõrmuse tegemiseks vajad:
  • traati (mina kasutasin 22 GA ehk siis 0.6mm laia traati.)
  • Pärlit või kokteilisõrmuse tegemiseks mingit kivi
  • Sõrmuse mandrel (vabandust pole tõlget, kuid see näeb välja selline) või mingit muud ümmarguse kujuga asja kuhu ymber traati kerida, see võiks olla natuke suurem, kui sõrm

  1. Lõika endale traati (~65cm) sõltub kui palju traati tahad endale sõrme ümber, mitu ringi otsustad teha(punkt 3)
  2. Pane pärl traadi keskele ja keera traat koos pärliga ymber sõrmuse mandreli (või millegi muu ümmarguse) Tee seda pool numbrit suuremast kohast, kui su sõrm on.
  3. Nüüd tee 3-6 ringi ümber mandreli (või millegi muu ümmarguse ), see mitu ringi sa tahad teha sellest sõltub alguses palju traati peab võtma.
  4. Võta sõrmus mandreli pealt maha. Sul on kaks lahtist traadiotsa, mis torgivad. Keera need ümber tekkinud ringide sõrmuse pärlipoolsemas osas, seal kus traat eraldub, et kinni hoida pärlit (Vaata minu oma üleval).Tee 3-4 ringi, et sõrmust kinnitada.
  5. Lõika otsad traaditangidega maha.
  6. Oledki valmis! Nüüd kanna oma sõrmust 

High on sky !


Jewelry is what you need to feel beautiful on a day you're down... or heels.. or something else special.
Usually it's jewelry you need to feel cofident. They just make you feel special don't they. So don't shop for any jewelry, shop for THE Jewelry. 
Pearl ring. 
The REAL pearl not somekind of a fake plastic one.

"High on sky" bracelet.
U gotta like it. It just crawles into your heart and finds a plave to be. Isn't it?

"Dark secret"

"Spiderweb, spiderweb"

"Glaze the maze"


Golden dreams are now in fashion

So, my jewelry is kind of my style. I haven't seen anyone making jewelry like this, I sometimes wonder where the ideas come from. Or where other people's ideas come from, is ir nature is it the materials or something else.
Why is everybody's jewelry different, why there isn't two jewelers whose jewelry is the same. Everybody's different and nobody's perfect (I sometime wonder, there's a nice sentence in English: Nobody's perfect, I'm nobody, so does it mean I'm perfect?).

Today I visited Camyland, it is the shop where estonian designers sell their jewelry, bags, clothes and accessories. Their work especially the jewelry is so different from mine, it's an another class (not that I think that mine is better or worse than theirs but it's just so different). I just wonder, go look for yourself when you live in Tartu, Estonia.

(Tõesti Camyland on hea pood.;))

So I'll show some of my work too to not just talk about.
I really think I'm getting better at photography (well some of the time), these first pictures came out I think very good.

"Golden dream"
No question about it that name suits so well
Gold hooks, white seed beads

"Set of the ocean drops"

"Dark Secret"

Here are the Collection of balls the size indicator. It nicely shows the blue ones.


Snow is a blessing from heaven! *cold*

It's been 3 weeks, cuz I've been in Tenerife and snowboarding and skiing in Finland.
Yes, the temperature was 30°C in Tenerife and it was -5°C in Finland, but it didn't ruin anything.
Snow is just so awesome when you know what you're doing.
I'll talk about Tenerife later. At the moment I want to share my skiing trip.

So at first it was pretty awkward when I was on the snowboard, I couldn't turn and fell, I've been snowboarding for 3 years, but it was my 4th time on board so I'm not very experienced. But when you get it then there's no worries. I got it. No worries.
Even the tracks with big slopes, I snowboarded through them too. The only thing bad on snowboard is that you might not make it to the ski lift and have to jump to get there. There's no that kind of a worry on skis.
To the end of the trip I had done awesome jumps on skis and minor jumps on snowboard . And I made it without falling .

I went to Himos, here's the map.
But everything that's left from "keski-himos-projekti" was closed only the right side länsirinteet was open .
Click to the map to Enlarge

Some pictures of my skiing trip, I actually have a video of my ski jumps, sadly no video about snowboarding jumps, but we can live with that.

I'm ruling (of course deep down in my mind) the mountain ;)

Nice "black" fellows. Hard tracks as they say

Check the slope out.
And this orange guy rushed past me in 2 secs.