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Hello, blog award :)

Hi, so I was presented a blog award by Charters. Thank you!
Makes me say "Oh, so sweet!" again.

So to accept this award I need to tell you 5 things about me that you don't know yet:

  1. I love singing. Sadly I do it everywhere but, home, sometimes in the streets too. I'm also in the school's choire.
  2. My first piece of jewelry I made 3 years ago was the green spiral polymer clay earrings: "Twist and twirl".
  3. I would really-really like to go abroad for a year or more, just to get new experience... At the moment trips are like things to live for because it's a great break in the routine.
  4. Sometimes when you give me rules and boundaries, I subconciously try to break and rebel against them. Lots of strict rules suit for very little people.
  5. Friends are my most valuable things in life 
So here you are 5 facts. Now I would like to pass this award for the following 5 people, who's blogs are very intresting and make my mood go up every time I read them :).


long time no see, but reds are finally here

I wanted to show these new earrings that I spent a lot of time doing (not all the time of course when I hadn't posted) because every one of these crystals is wire wrapped carefully.

 Sterling silver ear hooks
4mm bicone crystals, red
sterling silver ball head pins


Swarovski heart earrings, aquamarine and light topaz

These are my newest earrings .
 I made them extra for my Etsy shop. 
They are made of Swarovski crystals, 10mm hearts.

I have worked hard to open my Etsy shop. I finally got enough courage to open a shop there. I don't have my first sale yet, cause my shop has been open for a very little time, under a week or so.
But it's finally open.. after a month of work. 

But here they are, both of them are available here.

"Sparkle in the middle of the night"
Aquamarine Satin Swarovski 10mm hearts,
 Size reference
 My little sis modelling ;)
 "Sunshine with gold dust" 
Light Topaz Swarovski 10mm hearts



MadLemonJewelry now on Etsy. Feel free to visit 

(click to enlarge)

Polymer clay special...

Is it just me or is some of your fellow bloggers updated editors with some mistakes again.. Never mind..
Anyway I have been writing this post for a week, because the photos were quite hard to load.

These are all polymer clay figures and flowers and faux stone, imitations.

"Ode to the rose"

Faux stone imitations. I thought it would be fun to do those a stone like earrings just a bit lighter than the real stones...
Pretty detailed, aren't they :)

"Flower bouquet" Pinkish flower on a black round.

"Hand in hand we go, even the policemen should take a bow" . Very, VERY controversial earrings. Little bit of weirdness but lots of originality at the same time
Btw, the left is like man hand and the right one looks like if it belongs to a lady

"In the pond" And the title says it all.  Just to mention: a waterlily, a fish and a snail. I did some kind of a crochet technique to weave them together.

"Six-petalled orange beauty"


DIY sweater shoes or boots

Oh yeah! That certainly made my day better. Blogger's updated editor is now working again, what a nice surprise...
But that's not what I wanted to talk about, I wanted to talk about my new high-heeled shoes. Which I love. But not loved very much before, they had too much details. You can make the same trick with all the shoes you can wear in the autumn and spring and ofcourse in the winter if it's warm enough.
The perfect not-enough-warm-day's boots

Sweater boots here they come. You'll need:
  • shoes, which you'd like to change completely
  • sweater's sleeves(I used quite big ones)
  • super glue
  • scissors
  • Thread, needle, pins
  • A sewing machine
  • (optional) buttons or ribbon
Sviiter-saabaste jaoks on sul vaja:
  • kingi või saapaid, mida muuta
  • kampsuni varrukaid (piisavalt laiu, millesse jalg sisse mahuks, neid saab alati väiksemaks õmmelda, kui vajadus)
  • superliim
  • käärid
  • niiti, nõela nööpnõelu
  • Õmblusmasin
  • (valikuline) nööpe või paela

A)Find youself shoes which you'd like to change completely. Cut off the sleeves of the sweater if you haven't done it already. The bigger the better. Put the sleeve around the shoe and make sure it fits perfectly (especially around the heel if you chose heeled shoes)
1. Otsi endale kingad, mida muuta. Lõika kampsunil varrukad ära, kui sa seda juba teinud ei ole. Mida suuremad varrukad, seda parem ja kergem. Pane varrukas kingale ümber ja tee kindlaks, et varrukas ei ole liiga lai ja istub kinga peale ilusasti (kontsaga kinga peal tuleb eriti hoolikalt kontsa juurest parajamaks tegema). 

B)If made sure the sizes and all that fits, take the sleeve off and turn it inside out (!important!) and put it on to a shoe just as shown on the picture
2.Kui kindlaks tehtud, et suurus ja asetus õige, siis võta varrukas ära, keera pahupidi(!tähtis!) ja pane tagurpidi kinga kylge, nii nagu pildil näidatud

C)Glue the edges with a superglue
3. Liimi ääred superliimiga kinni.

D)Turn the sleeve right side out again, now these soes should look like cool shoes already. If the glue doesen't hold some places apply more glue
4. Keera varrukas yle kinga jälle õiget pidi, nyyd peaksid kingad kinga moodi juba välja nägema. Kui kuskilt liim lahti tuleb, siis paranda.

G) Take some thread and go through all the little loops at the end of the sleeve. Sew the edge with a sewing machine and then turn the edge outwards so it won't strech. Secure it with pins and then sew again
5. Aja varruka silmadest niit või lõng läbi, igaks juhuks, et silmused hargnema ei hakkaks. Õmble äär õmblusmasinaga kinni. Keera äär väljapoole yhe keeru võrra ja õmble kinni, nii ei hakka ots venima.

E)There is a million possibilities how to end these shoes I turne the side down and sewed some buttons on and attached a ribbon. Possibilities are endless
6.On mitu võimalust, kuidas selliseid saapaid viimistleda, mina valisin sellise, kus keerasin ääre alla välja tagurpidi ja õmblesin paar nööpi ka kylge. Kuid kujutlusvõime annab vabad käed ja igayks võib viimistleda nii, nagu meeldib

F)Wear your shoes with pride!
7. Kanna oma kingi/saapaid uhkusega ! :)