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Wire and chains, introducing bows

 So I have no idea, how I managed to come up with these bows, but when I finally did.. These bow earrings are my favourite of all. They are just so unique. I used silver wire as alwaysa and the bows are made of organze fabric. I love bows'!


"Big and beautiful"
 These big balls are crocheted, inside there are some kind of white and light balls which can be bought just from every craft shop. 
2 crystals are completing them.

"Bridge over the pearly river"

These earrings look like royalty with golden chains they dangle vey elegantly

 More big balls..

Thank you!

Promotional purposes

So some of my Estonian readers might be familiar with my other blog, 
which I write with my very good friends (by the way it's in Estonian).
But some of you might not be, so here's the other blog 

The M-club
Silly name, but suits

And last night a twitter account. Like what! So now I'm a twitterer too :)

Swarovski necklace Crystal AB

So here's my Swarovski Crystal AB 18mm heart on gold, which I wear everyday. 
And it's made by me, if there's a question about that. 
 I united the bail and the crystal 
Both the bail and the crystal are bought from Italy.

I just came to an idea, to make a jewelry vocubabulary for a starter jeweler and that's exactly what I needed when I started!

ReUse Republic, part 2

Other pieces of jewelry I made for ReUse Republic. I'm pretty sure that these pieces will be sold there, but it's a bit iffy. Complicated.. But that doesen't change the jewelry I have made:

 Wire wrapped pearl ring

"Black and gold"

 "Gentle but strong"

 "Blue's in"

 My kind of signature balls.

 (These 10 items are only a 2-day work)

ReUse Republic

Hello, lots of new jewelry.

So my classmate Anni (I have to do a longer story in the future) was doing a project called ReUse Republic. It's a project where people make new things out of old and/or broken which come from stores. Anni got a big box of broken jewelry. And she told me that she had a lot of material and she didn't have the time to make any more jewelry than she had done already. 
So I went over and gathered some material from the 3 boxes she had got.

Went home and got crazy. I had to make all of these things for sunday. 
Anyways I finished them and Anni took them to the designer.
I'm not 100% sure if these will be sold from 3.-5. February in Tallinn.
(Reuse Republic toimub 3.-5. veebruar Kristiine keskuses Tallinnas)

 I apologize for some of the photos, cause my reflex camera camera broke down and I couldn't do one single shot anymore. And half of these are mad with a compact digital camera (wrote it right?) and they weren't 100% my standards, but I had no other choice , cause I had to take them to Anni already.

I have very little idea what are the beads or the pearls I used, but I'm sure the wires and chains and hooks are  high quality.

I'll show you some today and some on the next day:
 Wire wrapped ring

 "Put on a bow and roll"

I really-really wanted to earrings like this for a very long time, but these types of earrings need a lot of different material in different sizes. But now! I was in heaven..


Soon show others..