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Football World Cup 2010

I know it actually started a week ago but I just have to mention it. Because I'm a weird girl who really likes to watch football games and if there's one my TV is definetely on. I don't say that no girls watch it but I really enjoy it too.
 My mood went up when 2 weeks ago I thought that yes, It's finally here 2010 football world cup in Republic of south Africa (in estonian simply LAV - Lõuna-Aafrika vabariik ;)). 
My favourite player is Gianluigi Buffon, Italian goalkeeper. I don't even remember how I began to like him but it happened the previous World Cup. maybe it was that penalty in the middle of the game he saved. Don't remember. But in the game for gold I was on Buffon's and French side. How weird is that. Eventually Italy won so half win ;).
I also like Petr Cech, but sadly Czech republic didn't qualify. Sad but true.

Football even gave me the idea how to make these balls.

big Seed bead balls, jewelry
 Footballs are made from pentagons and hexagons, right !?
Colours are a bit mixed (there should be more black than white, look at a football and you see)
I learned to make these balls with a help from footballs, I tried to make hexagons balls but I failed, bacause if you put hexagons to hexagons connecting sideways the thing just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
So this is the trick to make these balls

Jewelry, swarovski dream, heliotrope

An all jewelry post. 
No me talking sh*t. :)
heliotrope swarovski 18mm heart with sterling silver bail  (jewelry)
"My life is so blue"
Swarovski 18mm heart
heliotrope AB
sterling silver bail from Italy.

Gold wire earrings (jewelry)
Gold plated wire earrings

Pearls and spacer beads bracelet  (jewelry)
"Pearls on wrist"
Pearls + golden spacer beads

"Xmas spirit"
Cause they ring like a bell

Madlemon chains

It's summertime

It's finally sumertime which I had been waiting for so long .. For 9 months actually. Cause school just isn't my thing. It takes my life away.. 
And I sure do wanna live so.
We don't have our school reports(if this is a word) yet bacause we were in Lithuania, Palanga for our trip.
It was so superb. All the sand and the sun. It was quite warm too, considered it was still spring.
We met so many wonderful people (from Paide ;)).. And that was so wonderful. Kinda' new. The first time we actually became friends with them..
Good memories.. 
The other night there was a class from Põlva, but we didn't talk to them much.
But our guide was a creepy lady.. She didn't care at all what we needed or the teachers said so, weird.
I'll post some pictures at the end of the post

Polymer clay strawberry, red, silver hooks  (jewelry)
Strawberry 3D "Delicious and deadly read"
Polymer Clay, Silver ear hooks

Some photos of the trip: