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Swarovski heart earrings, aquamarine and light topaz

These are my newest earrings .
 I made them extra for my Etsy shop. 
They are made of Swarovski crystals, 10mm hearts.

I have worked hard to open my Etsy shop. I finally got enough courage to open a shop there. I don't have my first sale yet, cause my shop has been open for a very little time, under a week or so.
But it's finally open.. after a month of work. 

But here they are, both of them are available here.

"Sparkle in the middle of the night"
Aquamarine Satin Swarovski 10mm hearts,
 Size reference
 My little sis modelling ;)
 "Sunshine with gold dust" 
Light Topaz Swarovski 10mm hearts



MadLemonJewelry now on Etsy. Feel free to visit 

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Polymer clay special...

Is it just me or is some of your fellow bloggers updated editors with some mistakes again.. Never mind..
Anyway I have been writing this post for a week, because the photos were quite hard to load.

These are all polymer clay figures and flowers and faux stone, imitations.

"Ode to the rose"

Faux stone imitations. I thought it would be fun to do those a stone like earrings just a bit lighter than the real stones...
Pretty detailed, aren't they :)

"Flower bouquet" Pinkish flower on a black round.

"Hand in hand we go, even the policemen should take a bow" . Very, VERY controversial earrings. Little bit of weirdness but lots of originality at the same time
Btw, the left is like man hand and the right one looks like if it belongs to a lady

"In the pond" And the title says it all.  Just to mention: a waterlily, a fish and a snail. I did some kind of a crochet technique to weave them together.

"Six-petalled orange beauty"