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Jewelry with different color combinations

Hi all my lovely readers!
It has been awhile but not too long, blogger is kind of broken in my computer anyways and I can't use the updated editor. And it's really uncomfortable to use the old one again.
But I manage cause I love-love to write these posts.

Here are my "Icey flower" earring which are made of crystal bicone. The original ones are blue, but the second ones are green, and green is the best color for earrings when you have dark brown hair, blue goes for blondes, crystal clear for black hair but these are just my opinions, it depends on the tone and everything

"Icey flower" in blue

"Icey flower" in green. They look so unreal like utopic world to me

Seems like a failed picture? But still so intresting...

The dusty thingy strikes again...

Grandma's mugs rock!

So here's my "Footballer" earrings which a lot of people like a lot
These are the first "footballers"

A pink version of footballers, it was made as a custom work to a lady in Tallinn by me.

Footballers in little seed beads....


Photography tips, all of the object in focus

So you try to photograph your jewelry or accessories or anything with a macro lens...
But it's just frustrating how all of the object is not in focus. Small part of it is but the rest just fades away.. Are your photos similar to mine?:
Some of it in focus but not the rest..
When something can go wrong it does.. Just blur..

Accidentally I found this article on Etsy forum and it spoke about photography, and I thought that it was just what I needed. Before that I thought that I could never do photography like that when everything is in focus. But when I can do it you can!

Here's the article:

Before this article I pretty much had all the settings automatic, but now I'm proud to say that I dare to use manual settings just as they fit the conditions.

This is the photo I took after all these tips.
(Light is a little bit off but that's just because I didn't have my master flash with me and it was after sun down but I was too excited not to try)

You can make miracles with silver wire and round nose pliers (tools), Mika concert

These earrings are actually made a month ago when I discovered that you can do amazing figures with wire and some right tools like flat nose pliers and round nose pliers. I made some undefined shapes, two of each and later I attached the crystals. It's easy and you can do everything you want. and while wearing they are all light and twirling. I think there was some kind of a tool to make the two pieces identical but I love the little differences.

I almost forgot to talk about MIKA concert in Tallin on the 3rd of August. It was just wonderful. I'm not a fan but I liked it. A lot. It was just colorful in every possible way.
I just have to mention that rain has caught us too often past week: two times soakind wet and nothing to do about it.
Oh and I have an not amazing ability to ruin the best days with some things really bad .. like.. like being a bad girl in a bad way and getting caught by the bus controller's or bus police or smth like that. It really ruins the day..

P.S sry about that dust thingy in some of the pictures...

"Don't drop it, it drops"
I have to admit these ball head pins are better than the ones with the flat end.

Oh and I'll be giving some photography tips on how to get all of the jewelry piece in focus. Like the last picture.

"Honey, honey"

"Like a flower"
The shape kind of reminded me of a flower and I tried to make the parts look like leaves and blossoms.

"Spirals don't twist"