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BALLS! (Don't get me wrong ;))

It's nice to finally write again.
I've been sick so I couldn't do anything resonable, except watch TV for several days. Olympics 24/7, I'm sorry.
Actually I made some balls more, the red ones I bought from Italy, but the others I made myself. It kind of makes you addicted.

SO here are the earring I made with the red balls, only gold was propriate for them.
They are made of coral beads, whatever these are but they are quite heavy

"Cherrys' get-together"
It may be wrong for me to have a blog, but otherwise how would I show my jewelry to you!
So I hope you like them, give me feedback, it would help me to create pieces more beautiful if  I know what other people think so.... Now you know what to do ;)

Yessss, the strangest place to photograph your jewelry is on plants, but actually the pictures came out pretty good. I like te green on the back.

"Wine makes it look better"
No, I didn't drink the wines. 
My parents drink a lot of wine. I wonder how many wine caps we have at home (I'm betting on 150), and that's a lot. 

And no I'm not promoting any.. you know. And these are only wine caps, they make the silvery balls of the BALLS look great, another nice picture

"Honey, I'm a bee"
How gold is too gold, gotta like the duck, it was a present from US


Happy Valentines day!!

Happy Valentine's day to everyone!
Especially some special people, my friends, family and blogger people!
Valentine's day is such a hearty day soo,
Today is heart-themed.

Everything is hand-made by me.

The big heart is made of Cernit Polymer Clay.
Cernit Rocks :D.

These next hearts are made of glass and they are fragile, but I haven't broken anything yet.
Which I usually do, break things!
"Midnight romance"
These hearts are smaller about 10mm long

"Glassy(classy) love"
Bigger ones 15mm.

Birthstones attack !

Every person has a birthstone,
It's sometimes different in different places but these should be the most common
These are the real gemstones, not the colours
They all look a little rough, I wanted to show the real stones, unfinished. That's the point

Garnet, January (granaat)

Amethyst, February (ametüst)

Aquamarine, March (akvamariin)

Diamond, April (briljant)

Emerald, May (smaragd)

Moonstone, June (kuukivi)

Ruby, July (rubiin)

Peridot, August (peridoot)

Sapphire, September (Safiir)

Opal, October (opaal)

Topaz, November (topaas)

Turquoise, December (türkiis)

Gold or silver? That is the Question

Definetely is music my inspiration!
If I feel there's nothing to do, and then after listening to a song I have million things to do and I'm really willing to do them.
this time I wanna know about you , I have new polls in the side bar , feel free to answer.

Time flies, but gold stays. Introducing gold in few days!! Yeah eventually.
Waited for that for too long to arrive.
But now the gold hooks are here.
My favourite earrings are coming (one of the best ;))
Made of glass so pretty heavy
They are so, making you feel like, special
but I think all my earrings make people feel that way.
Anyways I'm not the only person who wears them any more ;);).


Most of the time amethyst is a name of a colour
But actually it's a gemstone, and I have a star-shaped, showing in the future