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Hello, blog award :)

Hi, so I was presented a blog award by Charters. Thank you!
Makes me say "Oh, so sweet!" again.

So to accept this award I need to tell you 5 things about me that you don't know yet:

  1. I love singing. Sadly I do it everywhere but, home, sometimes in the streets too. I'm also in the school's choire.
  2. My first piece of jewelry I made 3 years ago was the green spiral polymer clay earrings: "Twist and twirl".
  3. I would really-really like to go abroad for a year or more, just to get new experience... At the moment trips are like things to live for because it's a great break in the routine.
  4. Sometimes when you give me rules and boundaries, I subconciously try to break and rebel against them. Lots of strict rules suit for very little people.
  5. Friends are my most valuable things in life 
So here you are 5 facts. Now I would like to pass this award for the following 5 people, who's blogs are very intresting and make my mood go up every time I read them :).